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Practice settings: assign a temporary password to a provider

Note: Username/Password Only

These instructions only apply if your practice uses Username/Password authentication instead of Single Sign-On through Google, Shibboleth, or another external identity provider.

You can set a temporary password for a provider instead of sending them a link to set their own password.

The system prompts the provider to change their temporary password when they login with it.

By default, temporary passwords are valid for 72 hours.

  1. Search for the provider
    Go to Practice > Practice Settings > Providers & Resources > Provider Management and select Paper and pen edit icon. under the Actions column of the provider you're configuring
  2. Select Account and scroll down to Portal
  3. Confirm Status is Active
    • If account status is inactive, the provider cannot login.
  4. Select Click to set a password
    • If you've set their password before, select Click to change password.
  5. Select New Password and enter a new password that meets the password rules
  6. Select Confirm Password and enter the new password again to confirm you typed it correctly
  7. Select Save
    • If the password does not meet the rules, repeat steps 5-6 with a new password that meets the password rules.

Now you can share the password securely with the provider so they can login and set a new one.

To learn how a provider creates a new password after using their temporary one, see Changing an expired password.