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Practice settings: validation

Validation is organized into two types of groups:

  1. Groups requiring validation
  2. Groups able to validate

These are then combined in different ways to determine who can validate whose work.

If a provider group requires validation, they require validation for all actions that can be validated e.g., Forms, Findings & Procedures, Progress Notes.

Provider groups must be assigned validation permissions to appear in the selection screen.

Go to Practice > Practice Settings > Validation to configure them.

  1. Select Add Validation Group
  2. Select a group from the Available Groups list for Provider Groups requiring validation
    • You can press and hold Control from your keyboard to select multiple groups at one time if necessary.
  3. Select > to move the group to the Selected Groups list
    • You can also select >> to move all groups at one time if necessary.
    • Select < or << to remove groups from the Selected Groups list.
  4. Repeat steps 2-3 for Provider Groups able to validate the Provider Groups above
  5. Select OK
  6. The new validation group appears in the list
  7. Select Save to save your changes

To edit an existing validation group, select Paper and pen edit icon. in the Actions column.

To remove an existing validation group, select Red circle icon. in the Actions column.