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Practice settings: organizations

Organizations enable you to keep track of clinics or other groups external to your practice. An organization is like an external clinic you create in the system.

For example, if you often refer patients to a specific specialty clinic, you can create it as an organization in the system and then add the organization as the Receiving Clinic when you create a referral with an external provider.

Add an organization

  1. Go to Practice > Practice Settings > Organizations
  2. Select + Add Organization  The add organization button is in the top right corner of the organization workspace.
  3. Enter the organization's name  Organization name is the first field and only required field.
  4. Optional: Add address, email, or phone number contact methods, or add website URL, map URL, or notes about the organization
  5. Select Save

To edit an existing organization, select Paper and pen edit icon. in the Actions column.

To remove an existing organization, select Red circle icon. in the Actions column.