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Practice settings: auto-assignment of content

You can configure the system to automatically add documents, patient education playlists, and referrals to each new patient record.

For example, you could create a rule where the system assigns a paediatric health history form to all records created with an age less than 18 years.

To add a new auto-assignment rule:

  1. Go to Practice > Practice Settings > Practice Information > Auto-Assignment of Content
  2. Select Add Auto-Assignment Content
  3. Complete the required fields
    • Assignment Event: The action that triggers this rule.
      • Patient Creation: The rule triggers when someone creates a new patient.
    • Content Type: Do you want this rule to assign a document template, patient education template, or referral template?
      • Document: Choose any active document template.
      • Patient Education: Choose a patient education playlist from the Global Templates list.
      • Referral: Choose the referral type, description, attached document templates, and attached files. You can upload new files or link to files stored in your practice's Files panel.
    • Content Search: Search and select the item you want this rule to assign.
    • Content: The item that this rule assigns.
    • Status: Active rules trigger at the assignment event. Inactive rules don't trigger, but appear in historical references.
  4. Optional: Choose conditions to limit the scope of your rule
    • Age: The rule applies to patients with a certain age or age range.
    • Gender: The rule applies to patients with a certain gender.
    • Clinics: The rule applies to patients with a certain clinic selected on their record.
  5. Select OK to add the rule
  6. Select Save to save your changes
    • Select Cancel to discard your changes.

To edit an existing rule, select Paper and pen edit icon. in the far right column.