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Support learning

Show educational animations to a patient, host a video meeting with a patient to provide telehealth services, or meet with students, mentors, or colleagues to review patient treatment together.

Review student work as a validating supervisor, validate specific forms, diagnoses, and treatment from your validation dashboard, or provide feedback about specific validation items.

For more details and step-by-step instructions, see Patient education overview, Start a new telehealth session, or Validation overview.

Quickstart Videos‚Äč

Join a telehealth session as a guest Learn how to join a telehealth session as a guest from a computer or mobile device. Guests do not login to ICE Health Systems.

Create a telehealth session Learn how to start a new telehealth session and send invites by email or SMS text message.

Host a telehealth consultation Learn how to host a Telehealth web conference and review a patient record inside ICE Health Systems.

Reference Material‚Äč

Video Playlist - Telehealth video meetings in ICE Health Systems Learn how patients and physicians can meet remotely using telehealth video sessions.