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Training module overview

Short hands-on activities

A training module provides a short overview of a topic before focusing on hands-on activities and practice.

Practice in the system

Modules are most effective when you have access to an ICE Health Systems training environment so you can complete the activities by using the system.

For learners and trainers


  • Modules are designed for learners directing their own learning.
  • Learners can pick topics useful to them and complete the activities in order to practice new skills in a way that resembles their real-world context.
  • Modules include additional articles, videos, or handouts to support learners during the activities.


  • Modules are also designed to work for facilitator-lead training.
  • Each module has a facilitator summary with instructional design details, facilitation tips, activity handouts, and more.
  • Trainers can use the facilitator summary to enhance the module for their specific learners and context.