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ICE Health Systems fundamentals

There are three fundamental concepts to how ICE Health Systems is built that affect how we use, learn, configure, and improve the system.


  • To access your environment, you open Google Chrome and login into your account.
  • You can have an environment for daily work and a separate one for training.
  • There is no server running in your office.

Updated Regularly

  • We are constantly improving the system.
  • We update help materials as we improve the system.
  • We manage and apply the updates so you don't have to.


  • The system is built with configuration in mind.
  • Configuration is flexible.
  • You can keep it simple.

The three fundamentals change how you ...

  1. Learn about features in ICE Health Systems.
  2. Brainstorm ways to achieve your business goals with the tools in ICE Health Systems.
  3. Resolve challenges you've had working with or implementing similar systems.

These core activities — learn, brainstorm, resolve — form the basis of the implementation process.

Implementation is most important when you first setup the system, but the same principles apply as you refine your use of the system over time.

To learn more about each of the three fundamentals, explore the details and examples in the next three pages.

To learn about the system as a new user, front desk staff, clinician, or other role, go to Learn ICE Health Systems.