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Practice settings: create a new provider

To create a new provider the system only requires basic demographic details.

You must give security permissions and an authentication method to a new provider before they can login and use the system.

A provider who logs in without defined permissions can only access the provider dashboard, feedback tool, and help page.

If your practice uses single sign-on (SSO) to authenticate providers, check the tip below before completing these steps.

  1. Go to Practice > Practice Settings > Providers & Resources > Provider Management
  2. Select Create Provider
  3. Complete the required fields
    • Abbreviation: A short identifier that must be unique and less than 9 characters.
    • Provider Type: A grouping that helps identify the provider in searches and can affect fee schedule application order.
    • If the provider will authenticate with SSO, check the tip below before continuing.
  4. Select Create Provider
  5. Provider Management > Demographics loads so you can continue entering demographic, relationship, account, or notification details
    • Demographics: Add or edit contact information such as address, phone number, email or other identifier and custom fields.
    • Relationships: Connect primary patients, supervisors, family members and other individuals to a provider record
    • Account: View the provider's account status and username, send a set password link, or configure their scheduling, charting, and other settings.
    • Notifications: Configure the provider's settings for receiving each type of notification locally, by SMS text message, and/or by email.

The system saves your changes automatically.

To edit an existing provider, select Paper and pen edit icon. in the Actions column of Practice > Practice Settings > Providers & Resources > Provider Management or open their record from search.

Create providers with single sign-on (SSO) enabled

If your team uses an external identity provider to authenticate, such as Google Apps or Shibboleth, the workflow to configure provider accounts can be different.

  1. If your SSO creates accounts automatically when users in the identity group first login:
    • You do not need to manually create providers
      • For Google Apps, accounts are always created automatically and you cannot manually pre-create providers.
  2. If your SSO requires manually created accounts before providers can login:
    • Follow the create steps above
    • Confirm that the new provider's Individual Code and Abbreviation match their unique identifier for the SSO service.
      • For Shibboleth, this is their unique Shibboleth ID or "InCommon: eduPersonPrincipalName".