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Practice settings: create an external provider

You can create a provider that is not part of your practice as an external provider. An external provider cannot login.

External providers are useful for referrals. You can create a referral with an external provider as the Referring or Receiving Provider.

To learn more about referrals, see Referrals overview.

  1. Search for the provider in the top right to confirm they have no record
    Create new appears at the bottom of search results.
    Create a new referral and use the Referring or Receiving Provider search to confirm they have no record
  2. Select Ext. Provider under Create New
  3. Complete the required fields
  4. Select Create External Provider
  5. If created from referral: You can continue creating the referral. The external provider is automatically configured as a Referring Provider.
  6. If created from search: External Provider Management > Demographics loads so you can continue entering demographic, relationship, or account details
    • Demographics: Add or edit contact information such as address, phone number, email or other identifier and custom fields.
    • Relationships: Connect primary patients, supervisors, and other individuals to a provider record
    • Account: View the provider's account status or configure them as a referring provider.

The system saves your changes automatically.

To edit an existing external provider, open their record from search.