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Duplicate a form

Duplicating a form can be helpful when you want to fill out a new copy of a form that was already completed and locked, but want to include the answers from the original form.

For example, if you want to update a health history that was gathered one year ago, start by duplicating it. This creates a brand new copy of the form with today's date that includes the previously entered answers.

You can edit the duplicate form answers just like a brand new form.

  1. Select Two document duplicate icon. from the Action column
  2. A new copy of the form opens with the previous answers entered
  3. You may now:
    • Fill out the form.
    • Save the form as a draft by selecting¬†Close Draft.
    • Lock or discard the form.
    • Assign the form to a provider.
Cannot duplicate if template changes

You cannot duplicate a form and auto-fill the previous answers if an administrator has updated the form's template since the form was last completed.

Instead, select the panel Three line panel menu icon. menu, choose the template, and fill out a new copy.