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Fill out a form

You can open and fill out a new form by picking a form template from the Patient Documents panel.

If you don't want to finish a form right away or if you want to add it to a patient's record for a colleague or the patient to complete later, you can save it as a draft.

  1. Select Three line panel menu icon. from the Patient Documents panel
  2. Choose New Document
  3. Search for a specific template with the filter field
    Expand folders by selecting the triangle beside each folder or by selecting Collapse/Expand All
  4. Select a template and choose OK
  5. You may now:
    • Fill out the form.
    • Save the form as a draft by selecting Close Draft.
    • Lock or discard the form.
    • Assign the form to a provider.
    • Share the form in the patient's portal by selecting Close Draft and then the PV (Portal Visible) checkbox in the Patient Documents panel.
      • A patient can only edit portal visible forms in the Draft status.
  6. The system saves your changes automatically

After you choose a form, it is saved to the Patient Documents panel if it is a standard or assessment form. A grading form is saved to your Grading Forms panel with a reference link to the patient's record.