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Enter patient vitals

The Patient Vitals panel records patient measurements like blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, weight, and more.

You can display the information as a graph over time or simply as the most recent value.

Each data type includes a history of the past measurements and displays the time since each item was last updated.

  1. Go to the Patient Vitals panel
  2. Select the value field to the left of the measurement you want to update
    • BMI (Body Mass Index) cannot be selected because it is auto-calculated from Height and Weight.
  3. Enter the appropriate value
    • Blood Pressure accepts numbers as Systolic/Diastolic.
    • Heart Rate can range from 0-300 bpm.
    • Respiration can range from 0-200 bpm.
    • Temperature can range from 50-122 ℉ or 10.0-50.0 ℃.
    • Height can be entered as feet/inches or 0-118 inches or 0-300 centimetres.
    • Weight accepts numbers.
    • BMI (Body Mass Index) is auto-calculated after you enter Height and Weight.
    • SpO2 (Oxygen saturation measured by a pulse oximeter) can range from 0-100 %.
    • Pain can range from 0-5.
  4. Press return or tab on your keyboard to save your input
  5. Repeat for other measurements
One Minute Correction Window

Updating a measurement within one minute overrides the previous value.

This is helpful if you enter an inaccurate value and need to fix it.