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Create a patient collaboration

You can use Collaborations to securely send a message to a patient in their patient portal.

The patient can login to their portal to read the message and respond.

  1. Go to Provider > Collaborations and select New Collaboration
    From a Collaborations panel select Three line panel menu icon. and then New Collaboration
  2. Confirm the Type toggle is set to Collaboration
  3. Add the patient as a collaborator using the Add Collaborator search field
    • You must add the patient here if you want them to read and respond to messages.
    • The name of each collaborator added appears beside the Collaborators field.
  4. Optional: Link the patient's record to the collaboration by searching and selecting their name from the About Patient field
    • This link helps internal collaborators open the patient's record. It does not enable the patient to open and view their full record.
  5. Enter the Subject and Message
  6. Select Create

The collaboration appears in Provider > Collaborations, the Collaborations panel, and the Messages area of the patient's portal.

To learn more about how a patient views and responds to collaboration messages in the portal, see Respond to a message in the portal.