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Manage collaborations

After you or colleague create an internal collaboration or task, you can send a response, send files, update the collaboration or task's status, and add more people to the conversation.

Respond to a collaboration

When you respond to an internal collaboration or task, it immediately displays as unread for all of the other collaborators.

You can compose a message before selecting Send. Typing "Enter" or "Return" on your keyboard as you write does not send the message.

  1. Select a collaboration from Provider > Collaborations, a Collaboration panel, or a Tasks panel
  2. Enter a message inside the text field
  3. Select Send

Attach a file to a collaboration

You can upload and send files as part of the conversation.

  1. Select Attach File
  2. Choose the file you want to share
    • An attachment appears below the message field when the file is uploaded.
  3. Optional: Enter an additional message to describe the file you're sending
  4. Select Send

Your collaborators can select and download the file to their computers. If the file is a JPEG, PNG, or PDF, they can select and preview it before downloading.

Update the status of a collaboration

Any status changes are visible to all internal collaborators. The status options are different for internal collaborations and tasks.

  1. Go to Provider > Collaborations and select a collaboration
  2. Choose a status from the Status drop-down menu
    • Collaborations can be: Open or Closed.
    • Tasks can be: Open, In-Progress, Complete, or Closed.

Add people to an existing collaboration

You can add additional collaborators to an internal collaboration or task after it is created.

New collaborators see all previous messages in the conversation.

  1. Use the Add Collaborator search field to add additional people to the conversation