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View a claim

After you create a claim, you can review the claim details and the generated ADA form from the Claims tab.

The ADA form is pre-filled by the system based on the available patient and procedure information included in the claim.

Review claim detailsā€‹

You can review the details of a patient's claims from theĀ ClaimsĀ tab under Patient > Financials.

This includes the procedures on the claim, billing and treating dentists, claim or batch type, and other information about the insurance payer and claim.

  1. Select View from the list of action buttons

If you notice details in the claim that need to be corrected, you have two options:

  1. Select CancelĀ from the list of action buttons in the Claims tab
    • This deletes the claim so you can recreate it with the right details.or
  2. Correct the details of the claim from the electronic or paper queue, before it is submitted to insurance
    • You can check the queues and correct claim details fromĀ Practice > Insurance > Batches. To learn more, seeĀ Claims queue overview.

View the ADA formā€‹

You can view, download, or print a copy of the ADA form from the Claims tab.

  1. SelectĀ Preview ADA FormĀ orĀ Save ADA Form
    • Save ADA Form opens the PDF in a new browser tab and saves a copy to the patient's Files panel.
    • Preview ADA FormĀ opens the PDF in a new browser tab without saving a copy to the patient's Files panel.
ADA form accident information

If a patient has accident information entered inĀ Patient > Patient Management > Accidents it will appearĀ on the generated ADA form in lines 45 to 47.

To learn more about adding accident information, seeĀ Edit a patient's record.