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Submit claims to a batch

After you approve claims in the queue, you can submit them to a batch.

When you submit a batch of approved claims, the system:

  • Moves all the approved claims out of the queue.
  • Creates a combined PDF of the filled claim forms.
  • Adds individual filled claim forms to each patient's record in their Files panel.
  • Shows submitted claim charges in the batch payment allocation workspace for processing.
  • If your practice is integrated with Change Health: Sends electronic claims to the Change Health clearing house.

All claims on hold remain in the queue for future review.

  1. Go to one of the queues in Practice > Insurance > Batches
  2. Confirm the number of approved claims in the queue
  3. Select Submit Batch
  4. A new submitted batch appears in the Batch Claims list
    • Select the PDF icon to view and print the combined PDF of all the auto-filled claim forms.

Now that you submitted one or more claims, when you receive a response from the insurance payer you can use the batch payment tools to allocate an insurance payment or adjust the charge(s).

Print Batch

Print Batch is not a replacement for Submit Batch. It prints all claims currently in the queue, no matter their status, and does not remove claims from the queue.

After a batch is submitted, you can print a combined PDF that includes all auto-filled claim forms from that batch.