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Create an administrative charge

Administrative charges allow you to create charges for patients that are not related to treatments. For example, the sale of a toothbrush, a doctor's note, or a late payment fee.

Administrative charges are calculated as either specific dollar amounts, or as a percentage of the patient's balance. To learn about configuring administrative charges, see Practice settings: financials.

  1. Go to Patient > Financials
  2. Select Administrative Charge  
  3. Complete the required details  
    • Clinic Group: The clinic group that will receive payment for this charge.
    • Code: The code that describes the type of charge you are creating.
    • Amount: The amount of the charge.
      • It may be a dollar amount, or a percentage, based on how the administrative charge code is configured in practice settings.
    • Charge Amount: The amount you are charging the patient's account.
    • Optional: Select View Item Notes if you'd like to add a custom note about this charge.
  4. Select Administrative Charge

The patient's balance updates and the new administrative charge appears in the financial tabs.

Any charges with notes attached to them display a  under the Notes column.