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Edit a patient's record

Many aspects of the patient record can be found under Patient > Patient Management.

These include: demographic details, relationships, insurance details, and scheduling history.

  1. Open a patient record by using the patient search field in the top right
  2. Select Patient Management
  3. From Patient Management you can choose from a number of options in the left menu


Add, edit, or modify contact information such as address, phone number, email or other identifier and custom fields.

  1. To add the patient's address, phone number, or email: Scroll down to the section for the contact method you want to add
  2. Choose a Type under the add address, number, or email type drop-down menu
  3. Enter the details
  4. The system saves your changes automatically after you complete the required fields


Connect family members and other individuals to a patient record.


View the patient's account status, username, and set their temporary password if patient portal is enabled in your environment.


Set a patient's guarantor(s) and fee schedule override settings.


View insurance policies associated with a patient and associate a dental or medical insurance policy with a patient.


Manage appointment strikes, and view upcoming, past, and cancelled appointments.


Store information about accidents, workplace illnesses, and injury required for insurance purposes.


Store information about admit and discharge dates required for insurance purposes.