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Create a new patient record

The search field is where you create a new patient record.

Anywhere you can search for a patient, you can create one. For example, you can create a patient record while creating a new appointment.

  1. Search for the patient in the top right corner, to ensure they do not already exist in the system
  2. Select Patient under Create New
    Create new appears at the bottom of search results.
  3. Complete the required fields
    • Legal Name
    • Individual Code
      • The system generates an individual code but you can manually update it.
    • Date of Birth
      • If you select Est. for estimated, you only have to enter a birth year.
    • Primary Clinic
  4. After you enter a name, a list of possible duplicate patients may appear on the right
    • Select a possible duplicate from the list to view their demographic details and confirm whether it is the same patient.
  5. If the patient is not a duplicate, select Create Patient
  6. Patient > Patient Management > Demographics loads so you can continue entering demographic details

Configuration Note: Search Fields

The fields you can search on with the simple search, e.g., first name, last name, individual code, etc., are defined by an administrator in Practice Settings > Practice Information > Search Settings.