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Add insurance to a patient

After you create an insurance policy in Practice > Insurance > Policies and Payers you can associate it with a patient or individual.

The system uses a patient's policies to calculate coverage estimates for treatment and track amounts owing by insurance.

Patients can have multiple policies associated with their record. The primary policy is first in the list.

  1. Go to Patient > Patient Management > Insurance
    • To associate insurance with an individual, i.e., a policyholder who isn't a patient, go to Individual > Individual Management > Insurance
  2. Choose Add Dental Policy or Add Medical Policy
  3. Use Search for a Policy to find the policy by:
    • Policy Group Number
    • Employer Name
    • Payer Address Name
    • Payer Address Abbreviation
    • Custom Label added to the policy
  4. Or select a policy from the table
    • The table displays insurance policies of people listed in the patient's relationships.
    • To learn more about creating relationships, see Manage patient relationships.
  5. Select the insurance policy you want to assign
    Search results are clickable policies.
    • Only policies created in Practice > Insurance > Policies and Payers appear in the results.
    • If a policy does not show in the results, select Manage Insurance to go to Practice > Insurance > Policies and Payers and either review the current payer's policies in more detail or create a new policy.
    • To learn more about creating insurance policies, see Manage insurance payers and policies.
  6. Confirm the policy details are correct
    In the bottom half of the dialog.
    • Policy Summary
    • Subscriber Name
    • Subscriber ID Number
    • Relationship to Subscriber
    • Effective Date
  7. Optional: If the subscriber is not the patient, select the X to change the Subscriber Name
    • For example, if the insurance policy holder is the patient's parent or spouse.
    • For the subscriber to appear in search results, they must be an individual or patient in the system.
  8. Select Save

After a policy is associated with a patient it appears:

As an insurance card in Patient Management > Insurance.

  • The card summarizes the policy details, including estimated coverage amounts remaining.

On the patient card.

Right sidebar as a link below heading insurance.

In Patient > Financials.

Top left corner beside insurance link.

Define a secondary insurance policy

To add a secondary or other non-primary insurance policy, repeat steps above.

  • The order of the insurance policy cards determines which policy is the primary insurance policy and which is the secondary insurance policy, and so on.
  • To reorder them, drag and drop the four point arrow icon in the top right corner of the insurance card.