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Cancel an appointment

Cancelling an appointment removes it from the schedule grid and you can decide:

  • What the cancellation reason was
  • If the patient receives a strike on their record
  • If you want to create a new unscheduled appointment for them

A record of a patient's cancelled appointments is available under Patient > Patient Management > Scheduling

  1. Update the appointment's status to Cancelled or Did Not Show or Left After Check-In   
  2. Select a Cancellation Reason  
  3. Confirm if the cancellation counts as a strike
  4. Confirm if you want to create a new unscheduled appointment for the patient.
    • The unscheduled appointment uses the same appointment type and clinic.¬†Unscheduled appointments are available from the Patient Next Visits panel and Clipboard.
  5. Add any comments
  6. Select Save

Override the strike limit‚Äč

Patients with the maximum number of allowable strikes cannot be scheduled.

To create an appointment for a patient that has reached the allowable number of strikes, you must override their strike limit.

  1. Go to Patient > Patient Management > Scheduling
  2. Select Override Strike Limit  
  3. Increase the number of Allowable Strikes
  4. Changes are saved automatically
  5. Return to Scheduling and create an appointment for the patient