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Create an appointment

It's easy to create an appointment once you've found an open time range for the providers and resources you want to schedule.

  1. Double click the schedule grid at the time and under the provider or resource you want to schedule
  2. The available clinic, date, start time, and provider or resource are autofilled
    • If you see the Create Event window instead of the Create Appointment window, select Switch to Appointment in the bottom right corner of the window.
  3. Confirm the patient, appointment type, end time, and add any necessary comments
    • The time fields are highlighted in orange if you attempt to schedule an appointment today with a start time that is already past.
  4. Confirm that the Providers and Resources table includes all of the providers or resources you want to schedule
  5. Select Save

Appointment visuals summary​

The appointment appears on the schedule grid and displays summary information about itself.

  • The patient name, appointment type and colour, appointment duration, clinic, and assigned providers or resources all appear on the appointment.
  • A colour bar on the left of the appointment indicates the appointment's status.
  • A colour bar on the right of the appointment indicates the appointment's clinic.
  • A count at the bottom of the appointment indicates the number of linked procedures from charting. It only appears if there is one or more more.
Star icon.A star appears on the appointment if it has comments.
Exclamation mark icon.An exclamation mark appears on the appointment if it has empty time slots.
Triangle down icon.Select the arrow or triangle in the bottom left corner to see and update an appointment's status.
Flag icon.A flag in the top right corner shows whether this patient has any administrative notes.

Edit an appointment​

  1. Double-click an appointment to open the Edit Appointment window
    Select an appointment to view the appointment summary and then select Edit