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Connect treatment to an appointment

After you enter procedures in treatment planning you can connect the procedures to one or more appointments.

You have two options:

  1. Create an appointment from the Treatment Planning panel
  2. Drag and drop procedures onto appointments in the Next Visits panel

The appointments don't have to be scheduled right away. You can link treatments to an appointment that doesn't have a set date and time, so you're free to plan how you would group treatments by appointment without committing to a schedule.

After you've planned the appointments, then you or a colleague can schedule them based on everyone's availability.

Check if a procedure is connected to an appointment

You can see that an appointment has linked procedures by checking the:

  1. Next Visits or Provider Appointments panels
  2. Schedule grid
  3. Appointment Summary details
  4. Edit Appointment details
  5. Procedure requirements popover in Treatment Planning
    • Select Red exclamation mark icon. or Green check mark icon. on the procedure to open the popover.
    • Select the appointment description to view the appointment summary.