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Practice settings: notification settings

You can configure if and how the system sends each type of notification to providers and patients.

  1. Go to Practice > Practice Settings > Notification Settings
  2. Check a notification method to enable it
    • Local: The system sends a notification inside the system that adds a badge to . Selecting shows the details of the notification.
    • SMS: The system sends an SMS text message to the primary phone number.
    • Email: The system sends an email to the primary email address.
  3. Uncheck a notification method to disable it
  4. Select Save to save your changes
    • Select Cancel to discard your changes.

Notification settings in Provider Management > Notifications, and Patient Management > Notifications, override the practice defaults.

Notifications overview

Descriptions of when the system sends each notification type and if it uses a configurable or standard message template.

Provider Notification Types

All provider notifications use system-standard message templates.

  • Collaboration Invitation: Sent when a user adds the provider to a collaboration.
  • Collaboration Message: Sent when a collaborator sends a message in a collaboration.
  • Collaboration Status Changed: Sent when a collaborator updates the status of a collaboration.
  • Data Migration Job Complete: Sent when a data migration job started by the provider completes.
  • Form Assigned: Sent when a user assigns a form to the provider.
  • Password Reset: Sent when an administrator or the provider resets the provider's password.
  • Referral Shared: Sent when a user sends a referral with the provider as Receiving Provider.
  • Shared Item: Sent when a user shares a report template or panel view with the provider directly. Provider group shares don't trigger notifications.
  • Telehealth Session Invitation: Sent when a user adds the provider to the participants list of a telehealth session.

Patient Notification Types

  • Appointment Reminder: Sent based on rules configured in Practice Settings > Scheduling > Appointment Reminders. Configurable message template.
  • Collaboration Invitation: Sent when a provider adds the patient a collaboration as a collaborator. System-standard message template.
  • Collaboration Message: Sent when a fellow collaborator sends a message in a collaboration. System-standard message template.
  • Form Available: Sent when a document on the patient's record becomes Portal Visible. Configurable message template.

Contact your ICE Health Systems representative to update a configurable SMS or email message template.

Warning: Sendgrid API Key

This field appears blank even when your practice's key is properly configured
Only update or clear this field after consulting your ICE Health Systems representative.