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Link a referral collaboration

Collaborations let you communicate with other providers inside of the system. You can link collaborations to a referral to discuss questions related to the patient's treatment or evaluation.

Linking existing collaborations allows providers to view previous communications about a patient that may include treatment challenges or suggestions.

You can only link and view collaborations that:

  • Include the patient in the About Patient field.
  • You are a collaborator in.

If you don't have an existing collaboration about the patient, you can start a new one from the referral. To learn more, see Add a referral collaboration.

  1. Select Link Existing Collaboration
  2. Use the search fields to find your collaborations that include the patient in the About Patient field  
    • Subject: What are keywords in the collaboration's subject line to help you find it?
    • Status: Is the collaboration open or closed?
    • Type: Are you looking for a collaboration or a task?
    • About: You cannot edit this search field. The collaboration must have the patient as the About Patient.
    • From: Who started the collaboration?
  3. Select a specific collaboration from the list
  4. The collaboration is now linked to the referral

To open the collaboration after to read or respond, select the collaboration's subject line listed in the referral

  • You can only read and respond to collaborations that include you as a collaborator.

To remove the collaboration link from the referral, select X