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Manage a draft referral

You can edit and manage referrals with a draft status from the Practice, Provider, or Patient Referrals panels.

You can send a referral when it's ready or discard it if it's no longer necessary.

  1. Select the referral from the list
  2. Make any changes in the Edit Referral window
  3. Select Send Referral or Save Draft or Discard Referral
    • Send Referral: The referral is sent inside the system.
      • The referral status changes to Sent and a notification is sent to all providers included in the referral.
    • Save Draft: A draft version of the referral is saved inside the system.
      • The referral status remains in Draft and no notification is delivered until the referral is sent.
    • Discard Referral: The referral is deleted from the system and no longer appears inside any of the Referrals panels.