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Manage payments in a batch

After adding a payment to a batch you have the following options depending on whether the payment was made by the patient or insurance.

These options are available from Practice > Payments > Batch Payments and then selecting Payments on the batch you want to inspect.

Patient payment optionsā€‹

  • View: Review the payment details to see how it was allocated.
  • Refund: Display the patient refund screen

Insurance payment optionsā€‹

  • Allocate: Allocate all or a portion of the insurance payment to charges submitted for an insurance payer address.
  • History: View the history of how the payment has been allocated or adjusted.
    • If you have only added the payment to a batch, but not allocated or adjusted it, the history table will be empty.
    • If you have allocated and/or adjusted the payment, you can use the history screen to:
      • View and update any allocations left on hold.
      • Review how the payment was allocated and/or adjusted.
      • Edit how the amount was allocated and/or adjusted if there was an error. To learn more, seeĀ Reallocate a patient payment.
  • Refund: Process a refund to the insurance carrier.
    • Before you can process an insurance refund, an insurance payment, in whole or in part, must have been recorded as an insurance credit during the allocation process.
    • To learn more, seeĀ Process an insurance refund.
  • Non Pt Pmt: Allocate an insurance payment to an administrative charge for the insurance payer address.
    • For example, insurance payer interest payments, HMO payments, or physician adjustment payments.
    • To create non-patient payments, your practice must have at least one insurance administrative charge type configured.
    • To learn more, seeĀ Pay a non-patient insurance charge.