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Pay a non-patient insurance charge

You can allocate an insurance payment in a batch to charges that are not patient treatment related.

These non-patient payments are for insurance administrative charges, e.g., insurance payer interest payments, HMO payments, or physician adjustment payments.

To create non-patient payments, your practice must have at least one insurance administrative charge type configured in Practice Settings > Financials > Administrative Charges.

  1. Go to Practice > Payments > Batch Payments
  2. Find the batch containing the payment you want to use and select Payments
  3. Find the payment you want to use and select Non Pt Pmt
  4. Select the insurance administrative charge code
  5. Confirm the date of record
  6. Enter the amount of the charge
  7. Select Save Non Patient Allocation

The saved allocation appears in the History view of the payment that shows how it was allocated.

To learn more about editing a non patient insurance allocation after it is posted, see Reallocate an insurance payment.