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Feedback templates

Great feedback is the starting point for great improvements!

Here are templates you can use to share feedback about bugs or challenges you encounter.

We use these templates to make sure we resolve bugs and challenges in meaningful ways.

Template: Bug Report​


Describe the issue in one sentence.

Steps to Reproduce​

  1. Go to ...

Actual Result​

  • Describe failure.

Expected Result​

  • Describe success.

Optional: Observations​

  • Intermittent, only on 2nd try, etc.

Template: Challenge Feedback​


Describe the challenge in one sentence.

Impact & Expectation​

  • Who the participants were.
  • What participants were trying to accomplish.
  • How the challenge impacted their work.
  • What you expect participants to be able to do.

Optional: Suggestions​

  • Suggestions for how this could be improved.

Optional: Additional Notes​

  • Original notes from you or other participants for reference.
    • Original notes can be helpful for understanding the audience, context, and impact of the feedback. Even if the notes on their own are vague.



An unexpected system behaviour that prevents or disrupts work. Resolved with fixes.


A task or workflow that is slow, difficult, or impossible. Resolved with improvements.

Bugs before Fixes, Challenges before Improvements​

We can plan and deliver more effective solutions when we properly understand the root problem to solve.

While we don't always want to focus on the negative, asking for Bugs and Challenges instead of just Fixes and Improvements give us the context to deliver meaningful changes.

Improvement and Fix suggestions can be good ideas on their own, but digging into the context, the root problem, and the "Why", is where insightful, impactful changes come from.