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Look at different schedule views

Once you've opened scheduling and selected a date to view, you have a few options for how to review the schedule for that day or week.

  • View the daily schedule for a number of different people, chairs, or resources by using schedule views.
  • View the weekly schedule for one person, chair, or resource.

Schedule views are the primary way you look at scheduled appointments and create new ones. A schedule view is combination of people, chairs, or other resources displayed side-by-side on the schedule grid.

You can choose different schedule views depending on what works best for your task. For example, you may have one schedule view that only shows the chairs in one clinic, and another schedule view that shows both the chairs and clinicians in that clinic side-by-side.

  1. Select the schedule view drop down menu at the top of the schedule  
  2. Choose the schedule view you want to see
  3. The schedule grid will update with that view's people, chairs, and resources

Scroll to a Specific Provider or Resource

Some schedule views can be very wide. Scroll to helps you quickly find a specific provider or resource included in a schedule view.

  1. Select a schedule view
  2. Select the Scroll to drop down menu  
  3. Choose from the list of providers or resources included in the schedule view
  4. The schedule will scroll to that provider or resource