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Process payments and insurance

Many people in your organization need to take advantage of the financial features in ICE Health Systems at some level.

There is a wide range of complexity here. Whether you're processing a quick payment from the patient financials dashboard panel, or managing the insurance policies and payers for your practice.

Quick Start Videos

Billing Overview: From Patient Care to Financials Learn how a treatment charted on a patient's record becomes a financial charge that can then be paid, sent to insurance on a claim, and more.

Reference Material

PDF - Patient Financials Workspace Tour Quick Reference Guide A handout to familiarize yourself with the patient financials workspace layout and terminology.

PDF - Processing Batch Payments A flowchart illustrating the overall workflow for entering batch payments and allocating payments.

PDF - General Financial Questions A collection of questions and answers that cover a wide variety of financial features. Questions are grouped by category and include screenshots and examples.