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Tour the system

Take a tour of the entire system by following the journey of a patient appointment in our 50 minute System overview.

Or focus on insurance and payment processing workflows in our 48 minute Billing overview.

Navigate with chapter markers

Use the chapter markers to find just the information you need or watch the end-of-chapter recaps to find more advanced topics to take your learning beyond these overviews.

Get started

  • Navigate the system Learn how to navigate inside ICE Health Systems using the menus to access tools and view patient records. 1m53s.
  • Open a patient record Learn how to search for and open a patient record. 0m18s.
  • Create a patient record Learn how to create a new patient record. 1m00s.
  • Access help Learn how to access training articles and videos for ICE Health Systems. 1m29s.
  • Submit feedback Learn how to submit feedback to ICE Health Systems with a screenshot. 0m54s.

Work with panels

  • Panels overview An overview of how you can use panels in ICE Health Systems. 1m26s.
  • Create a panel view Learn how to create your own panel view. 1m20s.
  • Move panels Learn how to rearrange the panels on your workspace. 1m00s.
  • Float panels Learn how to float panels across workspaces. 0m48s.

Join telehealth video meetings

Work with the patient portal

COVID testing patients

Screen patients

Learn more

The ICE Health Systems Support YouTube channel also includes all of these videos and playlists.