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Treat patients

Propose a treatment plan, record a patient's consent to treatment, enter completed procedures, start orthodontic treatment, or track a referral for treatment or evaluation.

For more details and step-by-step instructions, see Treatment planning overview, Consent to treatment, Enter a procedure, Orthodontic treatment overview, or Referrals overview.

Quick Start Videos

Create an animation playlist Learn how to create a playlist of patient education animations to share or watch with your patient.

Send a test referral Learn how to send a test referral with all the required detail to a lab.

Process a test referral Learn how to process a test referral sent to your lab.

Reference Materials

Image - Standard Progress Note Lifecycle A flowchart illustrating how moving a progress note through different statuses affects what you can do with the progress note.

Image - Complex Progress Note Lifecycle A similar flowchart that adds validation and provider assignment workflows.

Image - Referral Status Flow A flowchart illustrating how a referral's status affects what you can edit and do with the referral.