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Run reports

Reporting allows you to access and analyze a wide variety of data types across your practice. Data types include appointments, revenue, charted procedures, answers to form questions, patient custom fields, and more.

You can configure, modify, and share report templates right inside of ICE Health Systems.

You can also configure reports to display information on the Practice, Provider, and Patient dashboards. This can include:

  • Displaying the latest results in report panels for quick access and review.
  • Turning report results into custom messages that appear in the patient warnings and practice warnings panels.

Report results can be viewed in detailed, aggregate, chart, or interactive views as well as exported into PDF, Excel, or CSV files.

Quick Start Videos

Check Patient Risk Assessment Reports Learn how the patient dashboard and standardized risk assessments can bring current and trending assessment data to your daily patient care.

Reference Materials

Collaboration Sharing Center A structured content library of report, form, and assessment templates that can be used in your system.