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Work from the financials panel

You can quickly complete common financial tasks from the patient dashboard. For example:

  • Check the patient's current balances and financial account status.
  • Make payments.
  • Generate and print PDF ad hoc statements that display a summary of a patient's payments and charges.
  • Review the patient's general ledger.
  • Submit the patient's claims to queue.
  • Create a courtesy claim for the patient.
  • Create a new predetermination.

This can be especially helpful for front desk staff who may not want to review a patient's full financial record just to take a payment or print an ad hoc statement during checkout.

Start tasks from the panel menu

The financial tasks you see in the Financials panel menu may be different based on your permissions.

  1. Go to Patient > Dashboard and find the patient's Financials panel.
  2. To see what tasks are available from the panel, select Three line panel menu icon.  
    • Make a Payment: Enter a simple or detailed payment.
    • General Ledger: View a chronological list of account transactions.
    • Generate Ad Hoc Statement: Create a financial statement PDF to give to the patient.
    • Submit Claim to Queue: Put procedures without a claim onto one, and send the claim to the queue for review.
    • Create a Courtesy Claim: Create a claim PDF to give to the patient.
    • Predetermination/Preauthorization: Create a predetermination claim for procedures that require one.

View balances and summaries

You can view a patient's financial aging summary and various balances from the financials panel.

  • Account Status: The status is based on the practice aging buckets.
  • Patient Balance: The outstanding amount the patient owes.
  • Insurance Balance: The outstanding amount that insurance owes.
  • Total Balance: The sum of Patient and Insurance balances, then subtract the Unallocated Patient Payment.
  • Total Prepayment: There are two types of payments that contribute to this balance. The first is a prepayment on a payment plan, similar to a down payment. The second when a patient pays for a planned procedure.
  • Patient Complete Balance: Contains a total of all outstanding charges and payments plan balances.
  • Pending Refunds: Payment details of any pending refunds.
  • Payment Plans: A summary of payment plan balances.

Double-click a balance to open a summary window with more details.

Accounting aging summary

The Account Aging Summary window shows which charges contribute to the outstanding balances for the patient and insurance.

  1. To open the Account Aging Summary window, double-click Patient Balance, Insurance Balance, Total Balance or Pt Complete Balance  

Prepayment summary

The Prepayment Summary window shows the payment details of any prepayments.

  1. To open the Prepayment Summary window, double-click Total Prepayment  

Pending refunds summary

The Pending Refunds Summary window shows the payment details of any pending refunds.

  1. To open the Pending Refunds Summary window, double-click Pending Refunds  

Payment plan details

The Payment Plan Details window shows the plan's procedure(s), term, and amounts, including processed and scheduled charges.

  1. To open the Payment Plan Summary window, double-click a payment plan in the list