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Create a patient education animation playlist

You can create custom animation playlists for a patient or add playlists to their record that were pre-configured by your administrators.

Before you save any playlist to a patient's record, you can adjust it to better suit a patient's treatment or questions.

  1. Go to Patient > Dashboard
  2. From the Patient Education panel, select Three line panel menu icon.
  3. Select Create New Playlist
  4. Browse the available animations by searching for one
    by selecting Plus icon. beside an animation group to expand and view the animations inside
    • Available Templates¬†are all the pre-configured templates defined by your administrators.
    • Available Animations¬†are all the animations that you can view and save to a patient's record, grouped by topic.
  5. Select Insert beside one animation or group of animations, to add them to your new playlist
    • To remove an animation from the playlist, hover over it and select¬†Red circle icon..
    • To reorder animations in the playlist, drag and drop them into a different order.
  6. Optional: Select Preview Playlist to watch the animations you inserted.
    • To return to the selection screen after you're done, select Preview Playlist again and then choose¬†Select Animations in the top left corner.
  7. Optional: For each animation you select, you can customize the default quality settings and the start and end points by selecting Edit Playlist in the top left corner.
  8. Optional: You can customize the name of the playlist by typing over the default text before selecting Save.  
  9. When you are happy with your playlist choices and edits, select Save to add this animation playlist to the patient's Patient Education panel and portal
    • When a patient logs into their portal, they can watch animations from the active playlists listed in their Patient Education panel.