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Navigate treatment planning

You can review a lot of information from the treatment planning panel. This article describes how it is grouped and what different icons mean.

If the amount of information becomes overwhelming, there are a few options to simplify what you're looking at.

Unplanned diagnoses on the left, treatment on the right

Diagnoses that haven't been placed in a phase are displayed on the left. Treatment options are displayed in one or more columns to the right.

Treatment options can be grouped into phases to help organize the treatments. Each phase can be collapsed or expanded to help simplify your display.

Diagnoses that have been placed into phases stretch across all treatment options. Procedures are less wide and only appear in one treatment option column.

If a procedure and diagnoses have been linked, the procedure appears inside of the diagnosis. You can associate multiple procedures to the same diagnoses.

Treatment requirement icons

Each procedure you add to the treatment plan may need to meet certain requirements defined in Practice Settings.

  • If the procedure has met all of its requirements you see a Green checkmark icon.
  • If the procedure has unmet requirements you see a Red exclamation mark icon.

Clicking the icons shows you a requirements popover with details about what that procedure needs.

  • This procedure has unmet requirements.
  • This procedure has met all of the requirements.

Here is a summary of the requirements that can appear in the popover.

IconWhat it meansHow to resolve itWhat it becomes
Orange person outline.This procedure requires a treatment consent.Select Treatment Consent Required to start the consent creation process. To learn more, see Consent to treatment. with a link to the completed consent.
Red person outline.This procedure requires an informed consent.Select Informed Consent Required to start the consent creation process. To learn more, see Consent to treatment.Green person outline. with a link to the completed consent.
Red circle with an x.This procedure requires an insurance predetermination.Create a Predetermination Claim in Patient > Financials that is approved by insurance. To learn more, see Predeterminations overview.Green checkmark icon. with a link to the predetermination claim status.
Red checkmark.This procedure requires validation.Request that a supervisor validates your work. To learn more about validation, see Validation overview.The Red checkmark disappears.
Red plus icon.This procedure must be linked to a finding.Select Diagnostic Finding Required to open the Findings Input window.The Red plus icon. disappears and the procedure is nested under a finding.
Calendar icon.This procedure is connected to an appointmentNothing to resolve. Select to view appointment details.-

If your consent forms require validation by a supervisor, the Orange person outline. and Red person outline. do not turn green until the consent forms are validated.

Simplify the treatment plan display

If you have a lot of information in the treatment planning panel you can:

  • Expand/Collapse phases by selecting Triangle up icon. to the left of a phase's name.
  • Filter by selecting Edit Filters and entering different variables.  
    • For example, you can filter to only show In-Progress Procedures, or only show findings and procedures related to a specific tooth, or hide all procedures and only show findings.
  • Use the Three line panel menu icon. to show or hide Completed or No Longer Necessary procedures.  
    • These appear in their own special section at the bottom of the treatment plan.