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2022.3 Release Notes

What's new in 2022.3. First: Invite an external provider to set their portal password. Send a set password invite via SMS text message or email. Second: Configure external provider authentication rules. Define password length, character, and re-use rules for external provider passwords. Third: Set your portal password as an external provider. Create or reset the password to your external provider portal. And more! Updated organizations configuration page, improved referral date sorting, and bug fixes.


External Providers: Configure password rules for external providers in Practice Settings > Security Management > External Provider Authentication.
External Providers: Invite an external provider via SMS or email to set a password for their external provider portal.
External Providers: An external provider can set or reset their password for their external provider portal.

Note: External providers cannot login to their portal in this release.


Organizations: The Practice Settings > Organizations screens use the latest layout, table, and button styles.
Organizations: You can now configure an organization as inactive to disable it and keep historical references, instead of deleting it completely.


Financials: In Practice Settings > Financials > Lockbox Identifiers, the item notes now always show the author's name instead of sometimes showing their individual code.
Patient Authentication: Removed unused configuration toggle in practice settings for Google Apps authentication.
Referrals: The referrals panel now correctly sorts by creation date when your practice uses a non-default date format.