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2021.16 Release Notes

What's new in 2021.16. First: CDT 2022 codes. Added the CDT 2022 code updates in preparation for next year. Second: Shorter code descriptions in batch allocation. See more allocation lines onscreen with truncated code descriptions and hover tooltips. Third: Fixed document grid questions. Documents with grid-style questions no longer partially hide text. And more! Floating panel resizing improvements, and bug fixes.


Charting: Added CDT 2022 codes to the system.


Financials: Procedure descriptions in the batch payment allocation multi-view truncate to one line on small screens and show the full description on hover.


Dashboard: Fixed an issue that caused a removed floating panel to return after selecting Upload in the Files panel.
Dashboard: Fixed an issue where resizing a floating panel made it too small to use.
Document Templates: Fixed a display issue that hid text entered into a grid table in a document.