Video tutorial list

Here is a summary of the video tutorials available from the ICE Health Systems Support YouTube channel.

Video tutorials are included in topic summary pages and you can watch them here too.

FundamentalsLearn how to navigate inside ICE Health Systems using the menus to access tools and view patient records.1m53s
FundamentalsLearn how to access training articles and videos for ICE Health Systems.1m29s
FundamentalsLearn how to submit feedback to ICE Health Systems with a screenshot.0m54s
Panels, FundamentalsAn overview of how panels can be used in ICE Health Systems.1m26s
PanelsLearn how to create your own panel view.1m20s
PanelsLearn how to rearrange the panels on your workspace.1m00s
PanelsLearn how to float panels across workspaces.0m48s
Patient Management, Fundamentals

Learn how to search for and open a patient record.

Patient Management

Learn how to create a new patient record.

TelehealthLearn how to host a Telehealth web conference and review a patient record inside of ICE.2m53s
DocumentsLearn how to create a letter from a template and configure your practice's templates.2m14s
Patient Education

Learn how to create a playlist of patient education animations to share or watch with your patient.

ChartingLearn how to quickly record findings while using detailed diagnostic codes.1m52s

Learn how ICE Health Systems supports clinical research by making it easy to enter data and run reports in a flexible manner.

Reporting, PanelsLearn how the patient dashboard and standardized risk assessments can bring current and trending assessment data to your daily patient care.1m34s