Release 78.0

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Financials & Treatment Planning: Clinic and clinic group may now be modified from the General Procedure List for charted procedures that are not in a billable state.

Financials & Treatment Planning: The treating provider may now be modified after a procedure has been charted for a patient.

  • You can edit the treating provider for procedures from the General Procedure List, regardless of the procedure's status.
  • If the fee schedule changes with the new treating provider, then a warning appears before accepting this new fee schedule.
  • Claims also provide warnings when the treating provider is modified after the claim was generated.
  • Note that Treating Provider is now used in place of Rendering Provider throughout the system.

Financials: On Patient > Financials > Charge Details, a binocular icon has been added at the end of the charge details table to show the procedure history. The column Student Provider has been removed from this table as this represents Last Modified By as shown in the procedure history.

Login: Further enhancements to the login page settings allow you to define font and background colours for more areas.

Periodontal Charting: The selected cell is much more prominent while entering periodontal data.

Provider Authentication: Practices can now define password recommendation text that is displayed when a user sets their password.

Provider Management: Each language under Provider > Profile > Account > Localization is written in its representative language.

Reporting: Exporting an Aggregate Report to Excel or CSV sets value format to number.

Scheduling: There is a new provider setting that allows you to define if the scheduling grid scrolls to the current time.

Search: Practice Settings > Practice Information > Search Settings have been updated to reflect a more concise list of search options which improves search performance.

Telehealth: A Telehealth participant in the Viewer role no longer has a session toolbar icon to add a camera.

Charting: Fixed a behaviour where certain charting panels displayed no content after collapsing and expanding.

Insurance: Addressed an interaction where you were unable to scroll down to select clinic and clinic group after setting Use a Custom Billing/Treating Dentist to Yes.

Patient Sidebar: Resolved a problem where deleting a relationship was not immediately reflected in the Patient Sidebar.

Practice Settings: Fixed an issue where the name type defined in Practice Settings > Display Formats > Name Formats was not displayed appropriately when applying availability for scheduling and in the Collaboration/Tasks panels.

Reporting: Addressed an issue when exporting to Excel where results covered multiple rows and the totals from the detailed and aggregate results did not match.

Telehealth: Resolved a behaviour where a user's Telehealth session was closed after selecting a file to open from a collaboration or the Patient Files panel.

This release contains numerous improvements to user experience and system performance along with many other bug fixes which are not listed above.

We are grateful to the members of the Collaboration for Health IT and to the many private clinicians who provide vision and leadership for the advancement of ICE Health Systems. Our goal is to serve the community of health care by providing exceptional delivery and continuous advancement of ICE Health Systems in all areas of care. This release is the continuation in achieving our goal.

Thank you.