Release 76.0

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Data grid: A robust data grid has been developed and applied to certain panels. It will be applied to more panels and tables within the system in future releases. The new data grid adds the ability to reorder columns and to choose which columns to display.

Referrals: The new data grid has been implemented on all the Practice, Provider, and Patient Referrals panels. You can now change the order of columns, and hide or show them, by selecting the gear in the bottom right corner.

Health Facts: Selecting View In Medical Support System from a health fact does not close the health fact information window.

Practice Settings: Custom fields that are system standards can be set as active or inactive, with the exception of the Abbreviation field for providers. This change allows you to modify system standard fields to be configured for the practice, for example, to use SSN or SIN for patients.

Reporting: You can now share more than one report at a time.

Scheduling: Practice Settings > Scheduling > Strike Management has been renamed to General Settings and there is now a field called Maximum Clipboard Size. It is set to 10 by default and defines the maximum number of appointments the clipboard displays.

Search: The ability to create new patients is now always available in patient search, regardless of whether you have started typing in the search field.

Collaborations: Fixes an issue that prevented pasting certain types of text into a collaboration.

Documents: Addresses an issue where documents with the grid question type were not displaying the grid in the PDF version.

Financials: Resolves a behaviour where you could select Save multiple times while a batch payment allocation was already being saved.

Panel Views: Fixes an issue where you could not share a panel view that you had shared once before.

Scheduling: Addresses an issue where selecting a date from the weekly view loaded the current date.

Scheduling: Resolves a problem introduced in Chrome version 79.0.3945 that hid the schedule grid toolbar.

Telehealth: Removes an inaccurate error message when you added another camera and closed a telehealth session.

Treatment Planning: Fixes an issue where you could not remove additional providers from a treatment.

Treatment Planning: Addresses an issue where unscheduled appointments were not displaying in the consolidated popover of the linked treatment.

Validation: Resolves an error where rejected documents and rejected or discarded progress notes still appeared as active validation entries.

This release contains numerous improvements to enhance user experience and system performance along with many other bug fixes which are not listed above.

We are grateful to the members of the Collaboration for Health IT and to the many private clinicians who provide vision and leadership for the advancement of ICE Health Systems. Our goal is to serve the community of health care by providing exceptional delivery and continuous advancement of ICE Health Systems in all areas of care. This release is the continuation in achieving our goal.  

Thank you.