Collaboration Sharing Center

Collaboration Sharing Center

A Structured Content Library

With the leadership provided by the Collaboration for Health IT (Collaboration), the team at ICE Health Systems (ICE) has created a comprehensive health record system. The objective of the Collaboration is to provide a streamlined workflow that is easy-to-use, thorough, and supports the development of clinical standards internationally. As a benefit to service providers as well as population-based decision makers, the content within ICE is structured in order to enhance the ability to collect, warehouse, analyse and share data. Furthermore, the insights generated by using structured content to systematically collect data, allows the long-term study of patients for clinical outcomes and public health research. In addition to the benefit of global healthcare, the significant revenue related value of structured content can be seen in the table below.

With Structured Content

Other Systems

Documentation Time

2 minute average to complete a progress note in ICE

5 minute minimum for each clinical note1

Short Term Impact

(20 patients daily2)

Up to 40 minutes per day for thorough notes for every patient

Almost 2 hours each day!

Long Term Impact

( 250 working days annually)

Only 167 hours per year spent on comprehensive documentation

Over 333 additional hours available for production annually

Over 500 hours spent annually on notes instead of patient care

Bottom Line

($375 fee / hour3)




Contribute to the development of global standards

Improved data for reporting and research

No assurance of comprehensive documentation

Structured content templates have been created in ICE and are available for you to use now! An online library called the Collaboration Sharing Center warehouses this growing list of templates. It is publically accessible and provides descriptive content, associated images and the ability to request each template to be seamlessly added to your account.

Collaboration Sharing Center

The Creative Commons licence Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) allows sharing and adapting the content, as long as the appropriate credit is given, and changes are indicated. The available structured content templates are categorized as document templates or reporting templates.

The document templates support clinical input and are used to create comprehensive progress notes, letters, and assessments to streamline workflow and require only minimal clicks. In addition to supporting the development of healthcare standards, the document templates save time for users and, where appropriate also serve as clinical checklists to facilitate consistency. All of these document templates are customizable to the needs of the individual. Further, the “structured” format of the content allows responses to be used to instantly generate insightful results in ICE Reporting.

Template Details

The report templates access information from the system to generate valuable information on all aspects of the clinic, providers, patients, billing and finances, treatments, documents and more. With charts, summaries and detailed reports, this information can be beneficial at an individual level for progress evaluation, at the clinical level for audit information, at an institutional level for business management, and internationally for treatment outcome trends and public health research. Report templates can be customized to suit the needs of the clinic.

Video Tour of the Collaboration Sharing Center

The library is constantly being expanded and refined. Notification of new content and improvements to existing templates is delivered through our regular release update emails. Email us to receive these notifications. Browse the library today at


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