Release 80.0

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Practice Settings > Name Types: Added the ability to configure name fields that include spots for more than just first, middle, and last name.

  • For example, in a region where people often have multiple surnames, you can configure a name field that includes spots for multiple. This allows a patient to be entered into the system accurately, instead of forcing their surnames into a first, middle, last structure.
  • Custom name fields appear on the demographics pages.
  • Custom name fields are used for searching records if All Names is selected in Practice Settings > Practice Information > Search Settings.
  • Note that this is a new feature undergoing further improvements, so if you would like any changes to name types please contact your ICE Health Systems representative. Practice Settings > Name Types is currently not visible for customers.

Insurance: When searching for an insurance policy for a patient, you can now quickly access Practice > Insurance to create or review insurance policies by selecting the Manage Insurance button from the policy search box. This is available wherever you can select Add Dental Policy or Add Medical Policy, for example, Patient > Patient Management > Insurance, Create/Edit Appointment then select Manage Patient Insurance, or, Patient > Financials then select Insurance link.

Scheduling: The system remembers whether you last had the Clipboard or Legend open.

Administrative Notes: Fixed an interaction where administrative notes required acknowledgement even when the force acknowledge setting was set to No.

Collaborations: Addressed an issue where collaboration/tasks panels did not update after the creation a new collaboration or task.

Relationships: Resolved an issue that hid external providers from the list of recent individuals when adding a relationship.

Scheduling: Fixed an issue where the Preview Availability screen froze when trying to apply scheduling availability in practice settings.

Translations: Addressed an issue where various text within telehealth sessions was not translated into the provider's localization language.

This release contains numerous improvements to user experience and system performance along with many other bug fixes which are not listed above.

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We are grateful to the members of the Collaboration for Health IT and to the many private clinicians who provide vision and leadership for the advancement of ICE Health Systems. Our goal is to serve the community of health care by providing exceptional delivery and continuous advancement of ICE Health Systems in all areas of care. This release is the continuation in achieving our goal.

Thank you.