Using the next visits panel

The Next Visits panel displays a patient's upcoming and unscheduled appointments on their Patient Dashboard. 

You can interact with appointments in this panel as if you were in Scheduling. You can update appointment statuses, view appointment summaries, and edit appointment details.

You can also use the Next Visits panel menu 


Creating unscheduled appointments

An unscheduled appointment allows an appointment to be created with all details except a firm date and then scheduled later by another user.

  1. Select 
     in the top right corner of the Next Visits panel
  2. Select Create Unscheduled Appointment 

  3. Input necessary information in the Create Unscheduled Appointment window
  4. Optional: Set a Recommended Date if you have an idea when you would like this appointment to be scheduled

  5. Select Save

The new unscheduled appointment will now appear in the patient's Next Visits panel and in the clipboard - ready to be scheduled.

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