Uploading files to a patient record

You can upload files to a patient's record with drag and drop, or by browsing the files on your computer.

Each individual file can not exceed 1.5 GB.

  1. Go to Patient > Dashboard 
  2. Drag a file from your computer and drop it on the Files panel


  3. Select  on the Files panel
  4. Select Upload 

  5. Select Choose File to find the file you want to upload

  6. Optional: Add a Description of the file
  7. Optional: Select a File Type from the drop-down menu
    • File types are tied to provider permissions. If a provider does not have permissions to access a certain feature, such as Financials, they will not be able to access files types related to that feature. 
    • File types include:
      • Charting
      • Financials

      • Documents

      • Imaging

      • Scheduling

  8. Select Upload 
    • The file appears in the Files panel.
    • If you chose a file type that you don't have permissions for, the file will be hidden from you.
    • To add a note to a file select  to the left of the file.