Reviewing a progress note summary

Some progress notes can be very long and include a lot of questions or fields. The progress note summary can help you highlight certain answers or sections in the Progress Notes panel and when the completed note is first opened.

A progress note summary is displayed when you look at a completed progress note that has been configured to only show the answers to specific questions in the Progress Notes panel and when it is first opened.

For example, a screening exam progress note could be configured to only show "positive" answers in the summary so a clinician could quickly scroll through multiple notes without seeing empty fields.

The full progress note details are still accessible from the summary. If a note was not configured to display a summary, then you will always see the full details in the panel and when opening the note for the first time.

  1. Select the progress note's name

  2. Review the summary

  3. Select View Full Document to review all of the questions and answers