Practice settings: auto-assignment of content

Document templates and patient education animation playlist templates can be automatically assigned to a patient when their record is created.

Auto-assignment rules determine what templates are assigned and the rules can be limited by conditions such as patient age, gender, or primary clinic. 

For example, all patient records created with an age less than 18 years could be auto-assigned a paediatric health history form.

Creating auto-assignment rules 

  1. Go to Practice > Practice Settings > Practice Information > Auto-Assignment of Content
  2. Select Add Auto-Assignment Content

  3. Choose the assignment event that will trigger this rule
    • Patient Creation: Assignment occurs when a new patient is created.

  4. Choose the type of content that you want to assign
    • Document: All document templates are available for selection.
    • Patient Education: All Global Templates are available for selection.

  5. Use the Content Search field to select specific document templates or patient education animations that will be assigned when this rule is triggered


  6. Confirm that the status of the rule is Active
  7. If necessary, more conditions can be set in order to limit the scope of an auto-assignment rule by:
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Clinics

  8. Select OK to add the rule
  9. Select Save to save your changes

Editing auto-assignment rules

  1. Select  to the right of the auto-assignment rule
  2. In the Edit Auto-Assignment Content window make any necessary changes
  3. Select OK to update the rule
  4. Select Save to save your changes