Personalizing display settings in scheduling

In the scheduling provider settings you can customize the way the schedule is displayed for you.

  1. Go to Provider > Scheduling
  2. Select Gear icon. in the top right corner
  3. From the Scheduling Provider Settings window you may modify:
    • How wide your columns are
    • How tall each unit and row are
    • How many units are included in each row
      • This controls the increments of time you see on the side of the schedule e.g., 60 min rows vs. 15 minute rows.
      • Appointments can still be scheduled in other intervals.
    • Which days of the week appear in the weekly view
    • The provider name format.
    • The patient name format.
    • How to display events that appear at the top of the grid.
    • Whether you see clinic colours on the schedule grid.
    • Whether the schedule scrolls to the current time.
  4. Select OK to save your changes

Working in a different time zone

You can display two timezone columns side-by-side on the schedule grid if you are working or travelling in a time zone different than the practice time zone.

  1. Go to Provider > Profile > Account > Scheduling Details
  2. Update your Provider Time Zone
    Select timezone field.

The schedule will now:

  • Display your provider time zone on the inside of the practice time zone columns
  • Adjust your schedule grid to display primarily in your provider time zone
  • Schedule appointments in your provider time zone

New timezone appears on left and right sides of schedule.