Opening referrals

After referrals are created, you can monitor their progression and update their details from the Practice, Provider, or Patient Referrals panels. Each panel groups referrals in a slightly different fashion. 

You may use different combinations of these panels depending on your role.

For example, a Referral Coordinator may work primarily from the Practice Referrals panel that is filtered to the Receiving Clinics they manage.

Practice Referrals Panel

Displays all referrals created in your practice.

Provider Referrals Panel

Displays referrals where the logged-in person is the referral creator, referring provider or receiving provider.

Patient Referrals Panel

Displays all referrals created for the specific patient.

When you open a referral, the same information is displayed no matter which panel you used to open it.

  1. Select a referral from the list

  2. The referrals details are now displayed and can be edited
    • You cannot edit the Description or Referral Type if the referral does not have a Draft referral status.
    • To learn more about referral statuses, see Updating a referral status.